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Do you know Numerology has a very amazing power of revealing your health issues from your birth date chart? 

Numerology is a powerful divination system, it is both an art and science for recognising patterns through observations from case studies and events. It can reveal many mystical things about you just from the numbers.

Numerology chart contains a group of numbers generated from your birth date.  The chart is just like your DNA, it follows you when you were born to this world. All the secrets about you are encoded in your birth date chart. Numerology system is the tool we used to decode the secrets.

The numbers in your birth chart presented in the numerology system table can tell many things.  Health issues is just one of them.

From your birth chart, the numerology system is able to reveal whether you might have potential heart problem or how likely you require a bypass operation.  It can also uncover if you are likely to get cancer in your lifetime. Not only that, it could also disclose what type of cancers (e.g. liver, stomach, lymphoma, brain, cervical, etc.) you are likely to suffer from and at what age that you are likely to get it.  Note that the type of cancer is correlated to the element of your number, i.e. either the number is missing in your chart or it is excessive (for more information, please read ‘Numerology and Five Element – How could they relate and affect health’).  Further to this, it could even know whether the cancer is due to inheritance from your parents.

By applying the annual numbers into your birth chart numbers, the numerology system discloses the possible year and month that cancer can be discovered. Study and statistics conducted by professors have shown that this numerology system on health issues can be up to 90% of accuracy.

All these are revealed through the numbers from your birth date chart.  However, you should not be too paranoid by this information if you have these ‘cancer numbers’ from your chart.  Anything that is known is manageable, meaning anything that is predictable, is preventable.  For example, if you have ‘stomach cancer’ number in your birth chart, you would have been more careful about your diet, you would have done more regular body check-up, do more exercise, etc. to prevent this from happening. If eventually you are still diagnosed with stomach cancer, it would have been discovered in the early stage since you have done regular check-ups and treatment will be more possible.

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